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Creative Party Themes for Adults: Arabian harem nights

If you are planning a party, adding a theme always makes it more memorable and exciting for you and your guests. However most themes have been reused and overdone, but one theme that is full of fun and still very unique is an exotic middle eastern themed party!

If you love Middle Eastern culture or just fancy something a bit different, a harem-themed party is something you should definitely try – get ready for a night filled with Middle Eastern entertainment and guests looking lavish in traditional Arab clothing! Whether it is for wedding receptions, a birthday, or just a simple party, this theme is a great choice and one that your guests will never forget.

How to Throw a Harem-Themed Party


If you wish to give off that Middle Eastern vibe, invite your guests in style with themed invitations. Here are some creative ways to style your invitations:

caligraphy harem themed party invitations - sourced from https://pixabay.com/en/scroll-feather-ink-caligraphy-1410168/


Relive the ancient way of exchanging messages and turn your invites into scrolls. Use materials like ivory parchment and inscribe your sentences using a nice calligraphy pen with black or gold ink (or a calligraphy font if you’re stuck for time and want to print them!). Finish off your invitation by rolling it up and securing it with a gorgeous Moroccan tassel.  

Magic Potion

Or, to put it in simple terms, an invitation in a bottle. Make your invitations look like magic potions to match the harem theme. You can be practical by using empty perfume bottles or bottle vases. Decorate the bottles with faux jewels and glitter and finish the look with a cork. This is a perfect prop to use with your scrolled invitation and adds more style to your invitations.

Harem-Themed Furniture

There is no need for a lot of furniture in a harem-themed party; your guests will sit comfortably on large seated pillows and beanbags with rich fabrics. Use purple and golden colours with luxurious patterns to bring out a Middle Eastern look to your festive event. These make it comfortable for your guests and perfect for eating and lounging on. Add in a few low tables to place your platter of food and drinks.

Arabian Decorations

Make your party look grand with fancy Middle Eastern ornaments for decoration. We offer a variety of draping options so you can drape the walls with exotic textiles and create a cosy, authentic feel. Place lanterns, oil lamps and fancy decanters around the area and top it all off by rolling out a carpet. Use ornaments embellished in silver, gold and jewels. You can visit an antique store to find these types of ornaments.

Harem Event Food

A night of Middle Eastern entertainment is not complete without matching cuisine. Set out an array of flavourful dishes from appetizers to the main course. Your food presentation should be captivating, so serve your food in ceramic plates and trays with an arabesque design or decorative glass plates. Here are popular choices of Middle Eastern dishes to serve at your party:

falafel for harem themed night traditional food options- sourced from https://pixabay.com/en/falafel-food-pitta-bread-1781656


For your appetizers, start off with this dip that is popular in the Middle East. It is made out of chickpeas, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and tahini. Hummus is usually best served with pita bread.


A healthy salad dish made out of bulgur wheat, vegetables, and spices such as mint or parsley. This salad can be served as either an appetizer or the main course that can satisfy the needs of your vegetarian guests.


A variety of grilled meat (such as pork, lamb, and chicken) and sliced vegetables wrapped in pita bread. It is best dipped in yoghurt for additional flavour.


Street food made out of mashed chickpeas or fava beans mixed with onions and spices. It is formed into balls and is later on deep-fried. It is usually best served as a vegetarian meal or can be turned into a sandwich served with pita bread.

Turkish Delight

For dessert, these delicious candies are easy to prepare and serve. It is soft red cube-shaped candies made out of sugar and cornstarch with a delectable taste at every bite.


This is another popular Middle Eastern dessert. It is layered with filo (dough notable for Mediterranean pastry cooking) stuffed with nuts and placed together with sweet syrup such as honey.
harem themed night belly dancer exotic dancer - sourced from https://pixabay.com/en/belly-dance-belly-dancing-indian-323313/



A night of fun is filled with good entertainment! Bring out fun activities such as watching Middle Eastern films, hiring a henna tattoo artist to paint designs on your guests, or a popular option is to hire belly dancers or other exotic dancers. You should be able to hire suitable entertainers at an adult club. Exotic harem dancers may not all know how to belly dance but they can bring something incredibly different and sensual to match your spiritual and exotic theme. After all, what is a harem without sexy ladies (your guests included)?

So there you have it! Hopefully now you should be able to arrange an incredible and highly-memorable harem-themed party, but if you have any questions about other popular party themes for adults, just get in touch!

It’s Wedding Season, and Marquee Hire is in Full Swing!

What a busy season it’s been already, with some beautiful weather – though not quite so beautiful this weekend, the marquee our special couple hired kept guest all safe and warm oblivious to the downpour outside!

We’ve really seen marquee hire sky-rocket in popularity this year, most likely due to it being a cheaper and much more flexible venue, as well as vintage-style drapery coming back into fashion.

We’re already receiving bookings for next year’s wedding season so if you’re based in Milton Keynes, Bedford, Luton or nearby and beginning to plan your wedding for next year, do get in touch to book your marquee hire asap and save disappointment! If you’re looking for a last minute solution for this year’s wedding season, our marquee hire is still available for select dates, so do contact us to find out if we can fit you in!

marquee hired for wedding in mkmarquee hired for wedding in luton

One of a kind marquee hire service

Our marquee hire service is quickly becoming known as ‘one of a kind’, and whilst we are proud of our beautiful marquees, we really accredit our great wedding service to the fabulous team of event managers and stylists who work tirelessly to ensure that every event we help put on is perfect.

Here’s what our customers had to say about the weddings and events we put on for them:

‘In an industry that seems to be out to rip off anyone that mentions the word wedding, it is a pleasure to be able to say that Concept Events is head and shoulders above everyone else for doing everything they can to make your wedding truly special. They don’t just go the extra mile they go an extra 100 miles for you. A huge thank you to Rachael and her whole team for making my daughter Tarn and new son Daniel’s wedding day just perfect.’ – Tessa Newton

‘Thank you so much to Haydn and the crew for a brilliant Birthday/Halloween party for my wife Sam and I. You did an amazing job. Marquee and lighting were brilliant. And the crew were extremely professional and helpful.’ – Mark Womack

marquee hired for wedding in bedfordmarquee hired for wedding in milton keynes








‘Thank you to everyone at concept events! We loved our wedding and you went above and beyond to meet our needs we will be forever grateful for all the effort you put it. Thanks again.’  – Mr and Mrs Hodgkinson

Comments like these are what makes our job one of the best in the world. To be able to have such an incredible impact on such an important day is such an honour, and it makes all the hard-work so wonderfully worthwhile.

This year we’ve already put on dozens of different weddings with different styles of marquees, some of which have been similar to these pictures from our 2016 weddings. We hope to bring you some more pictures soon of this year’s selection, so watch this space!

Now offering marquee hire in Milton Keynes!

Based in Bedford, we’ve always offered marquee hire to our Bedford locals, but in recent months we’ve been increasingly moving further afield as the Concept Events’ name grows more well-known. One of these increasingly popular locations is the lovely Milton Keynes.

So if you’re based in Milton Keynes (or Bedford!) and are interested in marquee hire for your wedding (or other event), get in touch with our friendly team today. You can also check out our various location pages below showing some of the range of areas we cover:

Alternatively, you can contact us directly to find out more! We look forward to hearing from you!

The best lighting tips for your event and what to hire

An event that you host can be made unforgettable when your guests get to experience the most powerful visual impacts at your event space. Lighting is a powerful catalyst which can transform a seemingly simple space into somewhere really exciting. The level of depth and ambience produced by lighting can be decided based on the nature of event, location of the event, type of panorama you wish to create for the event and the guests present.

Themed Events

Themed events are gaining in popularity all over UK today, but each different event requires a different lighting need. Here are some that we commonly see:

  • Personal, professional, business, family or corporate oriented celebrations often focus on a specific theme.
  • Discos, parties, live concerts and shows need a charged environment. Wedding, birthdays and other family events need a calmer and more heartening environment.
  • Corporate seminars and product promotions need a more serene and serious environment.

When you get the right sort of professionals to do the lighting, the event becomes truly memorable. Check out some of the fun and funky themed events we have helped create with themed decor and specialist lighting:


IMG_5309 IMG_3792 IMG_3743 IMG_0031Jurys Inn2

event lighting at wedding in milton keynes with lots of small spotlights and clean white backdropswedding event marquee lighting

Basic Lighting Tips

  • Perimeter lighting is the first thing you should arrange at the venue. This helps in highlighting any aesthetic decorative elements.
  • The main event arena should be elevated not only in height but also in the depth of lighting provided. This makes everyone’s attention stay focussed on the event.
  • LEDs and pin lighting can be used in combination when you wish to highlight certain key locations within the event space.
  • Draped string lights can be used to illuminate the path to event location. They create the feeling of warmth and welcome among your guests.
  • Using Gobos at the time of musical moments and dances can create a dazzling lighting show.
  • Static lighting is preferred at the dining hall and bar. Beverages and food display needs to be highlighted and easy to see. You may use LED glass or lights for which helps make the display clearly visible.
  • Pin spots can be used to highlight decorations and flowers. This creates an exotic setting within the room
  • Special custom lights such as love lights or Mr and Mrs lights can be a memorable extra that encourage photos, and also function as a great centrepiece

love lights on red and pink background

Corporate Events

It is a good practice to plan your lighting well in advance before the event. Outdoor locations and indoor spaces need completely different approaches and designs. The most important aspect of lighting is to set the tone and mood for the specific event and the central attraction at the event.

  • Corporate events and product promotions are usually always supported by some sort of multimedia shows. Three-point lighting helps in avoiding shadows and reflections.
  • Tables in the guest area can be decorated with soft lights. This helps your guests in finding their way through the hall after the show gets started.
  • It is a good practice to avoid flashing lights when the main speaker is presenting the event’s main theme. You can keep one spotlight focussed on the speaker while the multimedia screen needs no external lighting at all.
  • Taking the help of lighting professionals who can visualise the entire event from start to finish helps you in making it a great success. This also helps in making the event financially feasible.

We hope our tips have helped, but please let us know if there is anything else you would like to know more about.

Ten ways to make your next event absolutely epic

When it comes to planning an event, there’s a lot to consider. To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together ten things to consider if you want to make your next special occasion really memorable.

1.      Find the right music

Regardless of your event, the right music is essential. Whether you hire a band or you call on the help of a DJ, the right music can lift the mood and provide the ambience you need.

live-act-music for event in milton keynes


2.      Use a photo booth

If you’re planning a light-hearted event for a birthday or wedding, then adding a photo-booth can give your guests a new way to enjoy themselves. Make memories, share photos on social media and even offer fancy dress to make your photos more fun.


3.      Get the lighting right

Lighting is essential if you want your event to go off with a bang. Ambient lighting is great for dinner parties and speeches, while spotlights can be used for parties and celebrations.

lighting at event swirly ceiling lights


4.      Focus on food

No celebration is complete without a bite to eat, so consider laying out some party finger food to keep your guests well fed throughout the evening. Remember allergies and intolerances before planning a menu, and consider hiring a chef or a waiter if you want a more professional service.


5.      Add some decorations

Want to give your guests a party to remember? Decorate your venue with posters, accessories and party favours that will boost the mood and give people something to talk about.

mr and mrs speciality lighting on dancefloor


6.      Give party favours

Whether you’re hosting a wedding or a business function, party favours are a great way to break the ice and give your guests something to take home with them. Whether it’s a keepsake, some chocolate or personalised thank you message, a favour will ensure that your event is remembered.


7.      Be a great host

As the host of your event, you need to make the necessary preparations in advance to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. Welcome every guest, deliver a killer speech and get people in the party spirit.


8.      Consider the guest list

While you may think ‘bigger the better’ when it comes to planning your event, you should carefully consider exactly who you want to invite and why.


9.      Find the right location

Location is everything when it comes to your event – both in terms of where it is, and the venue itself. Find a venue that’s warm, inviting and spacious, and choose a central location that’s easily accessible to all of your guests.


10. Relax!

If you’re responsible for your event, don’t get too tied down in the little things. Remember to relax, enjoy yourself and mingle with your guests – that way, you’ll have a great night and won’t feel like you are constantly under pressure to perform.

At Concept Event Solutions, we’re passionate about events. We have a team of trained engineers who are on hand to deliver staging, live acts, casinos, dance floors, lighting, themes, music and power. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today if you’d like us to help make your event special.