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10 Activities for Christmas Parties to Make It (Jingle-Bell) Rock

Christmas holidays are designed to be fun-filled and memorable. So, if you are planning to throw a Christmas party at your place, then here are some fun and ice-breaking activities you should consider, to spice up your party.

1. Have a themed Christmas Party with matching Decor

Now, who doesn’t like getting dressed up? Plan a cool theme for your office Christmas party and tell your guests to dress up according to the theme and turn this into a contest! View at our theme and decor service where we also provide a Christmas party theme.

This is the one of the easiest and the best ways to host an office Christmas party. You can have a masquerade night, or you can even transform your office into a Middle-Earth ambience for one night and ask your guests to dress up as their favourite LotR characters!

christmas party

2. Minute-to-Win-It Inspired Christmas Games

This game can be a very good ice-breaker especially if the teams are formed randomly. A game of snowball toss would be a perfect Minute-to-win-It game.

All you need to do is ask your guests to make a team of two and give them a bowl full of ping-pong balls, and ask them to throw it in a small bucket which will be 10 feet away from them. The team who land the maximum number of snowballs in the bucket will win the game. A simple yet entertaining game to get the party started!

3. Have a live performance

If you want your guests to really have an enjoyable time then do something different this Christmas. Have a band or a solo artist perform live at your party to give your guests a truly entertaining experience.

4. Photo Props

Build a small photo booth and keep some fun props! Ask your guests to use the props, take the funniest photos ever in the photo booth and give them a small copy of the photo. For the props, you can keep Reindeer antlers, coloured socks, Santa moustache, Santa beard, etc.posing for photo with santa hat

5. Casino Night

There is nothing better than having a casino night at your place to entertain your guests. Have a Vegas-style Christmas this year and spice up your Christmas party by keeping table games like Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette.

6. Karaoke Evening

If you own a karaoke machine then having karaoke as one of the activities is a must. In case you are hosting an office Christmas party, you can even consider taking your office staff to a karaoke bar. Your karaoke machine will be the main event of the night with everyone singing Christmas songs all night long!

karaoke evening - microphone

7. Treasure Hunt

A treasure doesn’t always have to be for kids. You can make this game more fun by asking your guests to find hidden gifts and letting them keep the gifts that they find. Jumble up the letter in your clue or use a line from a movie to increase the difficulty of this game and making it more fun.

8. Christmas Tree Ripping

Give your guests construction paper sheets and ask them to rip the sheet and turn it into a Christmas tree. But there’s a catch to this game. They are not allowed to look! The player with the best-looking tree wins the game.

9. Exchange gifts

Instead of giving gifts at the end of the party, why not have your guests exchange gifts. To spice up this game, ask your guests to bring downright hilarious gifts and ask them to keep it with them until the end of the party. Then randomly call two names and ask them to exchange the gifts and open it and let everyone know what they got.

secret santa exchange presents

10. Cocktail Party

Ask your guests to get their favourite cocktail recipe or fruit-punch recipe and the ingredients for that drink. Build a small bar at your place, have your guests make their own cocktails, punch and ask them to come up with a catchy name for their drink. This is perfect for an all adults Christmas party.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with some brilliant Christmas party ideas and inspiration! With only less than a month to go until Christmas, it’s best to start preparing now –If you have any other questions, please do feel free to fill out our contact form or give us a ring with 0843 886 9672.