12 Fun Ways To Make Your Wedding Day The Best Day Ever

This blog will talk about our variety of wedding hire services and solutions. Your wedding is a day where you get to celebrate the love between you and your partner in a way like no other, and this is your one opportunity to make a day of memories with your friends and family that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

Now, as much as this day is about the two of you, there are many things that you could weave into your planning to make it a grand and memorable day, that will be talked about for years to come!

sweet cakes and pastries buffet platter

It may surprise you as to just how easy it is to build these small yet transformational things into your wedding – all it takes is a little thought and planning! We’ve put together a fun list of some great ideas to make your wedding that bit more special and enjoyable for your guests – see what you think!

  1. Prepare a welcome goodie bag for guests

This could be a combination of a small packet of chocolates or cookies from your local bakery or a bottle of wine or dry fruits. Whatever you think your guests might enjoy! You can also add in a little souvenir or games for the guest to enjoy throughout the day.


  1. Impressive flower centrepiece for each table

Flowers, as everyone knows are central to any wedding, and big, impressive ones grab attention and help make your atmosphere grand, elegant and memorable.

Roses Floral Arrangement Flowers Blackberries

  1. Splurge on some lights for the aisle

Make the walk down the aisle a memorable one by adding beautiful lights to it. You could even attach some to your train too… (if you’re planning one!)


  1. Lights up letters for after the ceremony

Customise your dancefloor with special light up letters, also called love lights, and use the letters to create your name, a special message, fun hashtags or just a huge Mr. & Mrs ready to light the way for your first dance.

love lights by dancefloor in pink

  1. A funky guest book sign up

Depending on a memorable moment you may have with your partner, you could use an item related to this as a guest book sign up, like a small float, football, skis, a surfboard, beach shells, and so on. Buy some permanent marker pens and get creative!


  1. Have a live band

Nothing makes the wedding reception merrier than a fantastic band. A good band will take you a long way in making great memories with your guests.


  1. Comfortable lounge areas

Give your guests a special place to mingle, catch their breath, and rest their tired feet in between the ceremony and dancing. Provide comfy chairs with big cushions, shawls (depending on the time of year) and a lots of pillows.


  1. Anticipate their needs

Umbrellas can be great for both a sunny day or in case of rain, and chimeneas can be a lovely touch – as well as for aesthetics, they allow those who want to relax outdoors a place to keep toasty and congregate together. The little touches go a long way!


  1. Tiny tasty late night bites

Once the reception dinner is over and people continue dancing into the night, don’t forget to cater for some small light snacks that guests can help themselves to as and when they need.

sweet cakes and pastries buffet platter

  1. Get playful

An interactive and engaging game, either on the dancefloor or off, can be great fun – espeically if you can try to include all the guests. This could be stand-up/sit down games while sat at the dinner tables, classic (but always loved) karaoke or perhaps some drinking games for the adults.


  1. A photo area

A wonderful memory maker, and one that your guests can take home or add to scrapbook that you and your partner can keep. Include props and disposable cameras, or create an area customised with both your names and the date and allow them to simple take photos on their smartphones!


  1. Fireworks

Fireworks are a fabulous addition to any wedding , and will certainly make your day go off with a bang! Delight your guests with fireworks during your reception or between the food and dancing.


Whatever you choose to do on your wedding day, it will always be a day you will remember forever, but remember to make it your own and make it that bit more special where you can! You’ll never get another day like this ever again!