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5 Ways Audio Visuals Can Make Your Presentations More Exciting

Are you in the business of event management? Do you want to enhance your presentation skills? With audio-visual aids, you can make your presentation more exciting and engage your audience.

Nowadays, the old school speaker behind the podium or on the stage needs updating. Audio visual aids are a very important component of presentations. They help in catching and sustaining the attention of your audience. They likewise help the audience have an easier time grasping the content of what you are discussing.

Audio-visual aids support the creation of a conducive learning environment. Here are 5 ways Audio-visual can enhance your presentations:

They can catch attention.

How do you do this? Use images. It can be in the form of photos, diagrams, info graphics, tables, etc. —  basically anything that condenses text into a straightforward and understandable image. This way, your audience will have an easier time ingesting the pieces of information you deliver in your presentation. Catching their attention, in the beginning, this is crucial to any lecture or talk because once you begin on the wrong foot, it will be difficult to pique the interest of the people to whom you are presenting.

They make paying attention easier.

No one wants to sit through a presentation of black and white, so play with colours and patterns. The purpose of your visual aid is basically to call the attention of your viewers. For your slides, when your background is light, use lettering that is dark, and vice versa. Avoid using font styles that are illegible to the reader’s eye. Choose a simple one such as Arial, Verdana, or Comic Sans. Choose a size that is readable, too.Engaging audience watching presentation

They help in memory retention.

Make use of music or sound effects. This helps in keeping the audience awake, especially if you are discussing a topic that is quite technical, or different from your audience’s niche. This is particularly helpful if you are about to play a silent video clip that lasts for more than five minutes, or if you are focusing on a single topic for more than three minutes. Music kills the dead air. Medical experts also posit that music helps in memory retention.

They prevent or remove tension.

Relay a story, an anecdote, or a joke with keywords in your slide. You will always, always need to think of ways to sustain the attention of your listeners and to make sure that no tension erupts in between parts of your lecture. It is not an easily doable task. You need to have with you “emergency” short stories or jokes to break the ice when needed. Icebreakers encourage involvement. Your audience will feel that they are active participants in the entire presentation.

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They simplify your presentation.

Use animations. Your audio-visual presentations can similarly summarize important points of the speech you delivered. Recapitulation and emphasis on your point/s can be stress-free for your audience as long as you are able to hold their interest until the end of your session.