Best Dancefloor ideas

Whether it’s a wedding ceremony or whatever kind of ceremony, the dance floor is a great place to make the event unique to you. If it’s at a wedding, this space is definitely one of the most important places situated close to the altar. It’s the place where a lot of photographs will be taken throughout the event. Therefore, you need to ensure that it’s uniquely inviting to your guests so that they get to break it down throughout the ceremony. Today, there are endless options for customizing the dance floor. You can now add a pattern and a logo or even suspend a unique lighting or pattern. Here are some of the best ideas for you to use in customizing your dance floor:

1. Create an over-the-pool dance space

Whether you don’t have enough space for an outdoor reception or you just want a unique dance floor, you can have it suspended over your pool. To do this, you can cover the pool to end up with a great dance surface. Use acrylic flooring and dancing on top of the pool.


2. Project Roses over the dance space

You don’t always have to make the projection lighting cheesy. So, for instance, you can simply have a soft floral pattern to complete your wedding, especially if yours is a garden wedding.


3. Customize the dance space to be black and white

Underneath your tent, you may mix up the traditional dance floor checked in black and white along with crisp geometric designs.


4. Make the dance space have the look of a starry night

To create fun details like simple cancellation and monogram, you may use gobo projection to give the impression of a starry night on the floor.


5. Decal dance space that’s wordy

When you think about it, there are endless possibilities when it comes to wordy dance floors. You can pick colours and words that match the ceremony style. A wedding, for instance, you can choose the right colours to communicate your kind of relationship and style.


6. LED Dance space

Usually, the lighting of the dance floors attracts negative criticism if done in the traditional way. However, in modern times, you can have an all-white illuminated floor for elegance and modernity.


7. A wooden dance space that’s rustic painted and patterned

On your outdoor dance space, you can have a pattern painted in addition to a stage that is personally customized.

8. Stripped Vinyl Floor

Using the event’s signature colours, you can make the dancing space pop by using vinyl stripes on the floor to get your desired feel.


9. The acrylic circular dance space

Depending on the shape of the floor space you have, you can experiment with it. For instance, you can place a circular dance space right at the centre of an indoor reception.


10. Customized decal floor

To speak to the style of your reception and personality as a couple, you can incorporate a vinyl decal.


11. Looking Glass

A tent that’s clear top and a floor that’s mirrored is a great way to have an ultimate dance party in the outdoor of your house.



Above are some of the best ideas that you can use to customize your dance space to thrill your guests as well as yourself. Alongside other ideas, you can achieve almost anything you’re looking for with your dance space.