Can You Start Planning Events in 2021 Post-COVID?

Large events seem a distant memory, with COVID-19 safety restrictions meaning over a year of cancellations and postponing of organized events until Post-Covid.

The events industry took a hit, leaving many organizers in limbo as to when they would be able to begin working again. Many staff in the industry were either placed on furlough or left without work, with many people also losing their jobs. 

This is in addition to the total of £21 million worth of work that has been lost since the beginning of the UK’s lockdown in March 2020.

However, the government’s roadmap out of lockdown announcement was warmly welcomed by many; not only those in the events sector but by the hundreds of thousands of people who have already purchased their tickets to live music events and festivals post-covid.

The announcement provided a glimmer of hope for a return to normality by June 21st, with the events industry expecting a boom.

Key Dates for the UK Events Industry


  • March 29th – As of March 29th, the ‘Stay at Home’ order was lifted, which opened outdoor sports facilities, meaning that outdoor organised sports could commence again.


  • April 12th – April 12th meant outdoor attractions reopened in England, alongside some indoor sporting facilities such as gyms and swimming pools. For the hospitality sector, outdoor dining was permitted again, with the rule of 6 in place.


  • May 17th – The limit on how many people can gather outdoors will be raised to 30. Inside, 2 households will be allowed to gather and the rule of 6 will be enforced for indoor spaces such as museums and cinemas. The biggest change for the events industry will be that up to 10,000 people will be allowed to attend outdoor venues/stadiums.


  • June 21st – June 21st will be the final step in opening back up the events industry. All legal limits on social contact will be removed, meaning that all sized events will no longer require social distancing measures or reduced capacities.


Nb. Dates slightly vary for Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

Using an Events Company

Despite many events becoming virtual throughout the pandemic, ultimately the demand for live entertainment withstands, with 75% of Brits stating that they would still like to attend a concert this summer.

However, it is not just virtual music events that we can hopefully say goodbye to in 2021 but weddings, sporting, fundraising, and corporate events alike. Event management is a great option to consider when planning an event of any sort. 

Event planning can be a stressful task, even with a great team on your hands, so taking the time to find a highly professional and certified events company will not only relieve stress but allow you to spend as much time enjoying the event as possible.

Here at Concept Events we will be able to take your vision and make it into a reality by providing themes, ambiance, setup, lighting, staging, and music entertainment.


What Does the Future Hold? What Will Events in 2021 Look Like?

Although events in 2021 have not gone quite as anyone would have planned, the future is hopeful. In a post-COVID world, we will all once again be able to experience events like we did before and capture emotions that a Zoom call cannot. 

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