harem themed night belly dancer exotic dancer

Creative Party Themes for Adults: Arabian harem nights

If you are planning a party, adding a theme always makes it more memorable and exciting for you and your guests. However most themes have been reused and overdone, but one theme that is full of fun and still very unique is an exotic middle eastern themed party!

If you love Middle Eastern culture or just fancy something a bit different, a harem-themed party is something you should definitely try – get ready for a night filled with Middle Eastern entertainment and guests looking lavish in traditional Arab clothing! Whether it is for wedding receptions, a birthday, or just a simple party, this theme is a great choice and one that your guests will never forget.

harem themed night belly dancer exotic dancer

How to Throw a Harem-Themed Party


If you wish to give off that Middle Eastern vibe, invite your guests in style with themed invitations. Here are some creative ways to style your invitations:

caligraphy harem themed party invitations - sourced from https://pixabay.com/en/scroll-feather-ink-caligraphy-1410168/


Relive the ancient way of exchanging messages and turn your invites into scrolls. Use materials like ivory parchment and inscribe your sentences using a nice calligraphy pen with black or gold ink (or a calligraphy font if you’re stuck for time and want to print them!). Finish off your invitation by rolling it up and securing it with a gorgeous Moroccan tassel.  

Magic Potion

Or, to put it in simple terms, an invitation in a bottle. Make your invitations look like magic potions to match the harem theme. You can be practical by using empty perfume bottles or bottle vases. Decorate the bottles with faux jewels and glitter and finish the look with a cork. This is a perfect prop to use with your scrolled invitation and adds more style to your invitations.

Harem-Themed Furniture

There is no need for a lot of furniture in a harem-themed party; your guests will sit comfortably on large seated pillows and beanbags with rich fabrics. Use purple and golden colours with luxurious patterns to bring out a Middle Eastern look to your festive event. These make it comfortable for your guests and perfect for eating and lounging on. Add in a few low tables to place your platter of food and drinks.

Arabian Decorations

Make your party look grand with fancy Middle Eastern ornaments for decoration. We offer a variety of draping options so you can drape the walls with exotic textiles and create a cosy, authentic feel. Place lanterns, oil lamps and fancy decanters around the area and top it all off by rolling out a carpet. Use ornaments embellished in silver, gold and jewels. You can visit an antique store to find these types of ornaments.

Harem Event Food

A night of Middle Eastern entertainment is not complete without matching cuisine. Set out an array of flavourful dishes from appetizers to the main course. Your food presentation should be captivating, so serve your food in ceramic plates and trays with an arabesque design or decorative glass plates. Here are popular choices of Middle Eastern dishes to serve at your party:

falafel for harem themed night traditional food options- sourced from https://pixabay.com/en/falafel-food-pitta-bread-1781656


For your appetizers, start off with this dip that is popular in the Middle East. It is made out of chickpeas, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and tahini. Hummus is usually best served with pita bread.


A healthy salad dish made out of bulgur wheat, vegetables, and spices such as mint or parsley. This salad can be served as either an appetizer or the main course that can satisfy the needs of your vegetarian guests.


A variety of grilled meat (such as pork, lamb, and chicken) and sliced vegetables wrapped in pita bread. It is best dipped in yoghurt for additional flavour.


Street food made out of mashed chickpeas or fava beans mixed with onions and spices. It is formed into balls and is later on deep-fried. It is usually best served as a vegetarian meal or can be turned into a sandwich served with pita bread.

Turkish Delight

For dessert, these delicious candies are easy to prepare and serve. It is soft red cube-shaped candies made out of sugar and cornstarch with a delectable taste at every bite.


This is another popular Middle Eastern dessert. It is layered with filo (dough notable for Mediterranean pastry cooking) stuffed with nuts and placed together with sweet syrup such as honey.
harem themed night belly dancer exotic dancer - sourced from https://pixabay.com/en/belly-dance-belly-dancing-indian-323313/



A night of fun is filled with good entertainment! Bring out fun activities such as watching Middle Eastern films, hiring a henna tattoo artist to paint designs on your guests, or a popular option is to hire belly dancers or other exotic dancers. You should be able to hire suitable entertainers at an adult club. Exotic harem dancers may not all know how to belly dance but they can bring something incredibly different and sensual to match your spiritual and exotic theme. After all, what is a harem without sexy ladies (your guests included)?

So there you have it! Hopefully now you should be able to arrange an incredible and highly-memorable harem-themed party, but if you have any questions about other popular party themes for adults, just get in touch!