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How to Plan a Wedding List

Ways to Make It The Best Day Of Your Life 

It is one of the most important days in someone’s life. And with that kind of responsibility, one can only imagine the potential stress that can come from even thinking about your wedding! And sure, it is known as The Big Day, but that does not mean it has to be an extremely stressful event to plan. In fact, with the right preparation and guidance, you can plan your perfect wedding stress-free.

The way in which you go about planning your wedding checklist will vary for each individual and it would take a long list to mention everything. But an organised planning structure will be very helpful. In this article we’ll take a look at some key milestones your wedding planning list needs:


Firstly, with wedding planning… 

Where to start? The first step you need to take towards your dream wedding is to decide on a budget with your partner. Next, you will need to begin drawing up a guest list. At this point, you could also begin to seek some inspiration for design ideas. As well as for the theme of your wedding. And the food, table designs, invitations, and all those other little details!


Remember you do not have to do this all alone… In fact, your best option could be to hire a wedding planner. Another advantage of doing this is that a wedding planner will always have close contact with top venues. 


Speaking of that point, you will want to book your perfect venue ASAP. If you have your heart set on one venue you do not want to risk losing it if it becomes all booked up ahead of time as is often the case.


wedding venue, theme red, gold and black, located in ballroom


Nine-month countdown… 

Around nine months before the main event, and working on the assumption that you give yourself at least a year’s notice before The Big Day, would be a good time to book your wedding entertainment. Will you have a singer/band? If so, look up their website, YouTube pages, etc. Research is the key to finding performers that you really like. Or maybe you would prefer another form of entertainment. Think about if you plan on having Karaoke you’ll need proper equipment if so.


Six months countdown… 

If it is now six months away from the time of your wedding it’s best to make sure you have the following organised: 


  • Outfits 
  • Design Theme
  • Invitations ordered
  • Cake tested and ordered 
  • Photographer booked


After this, there isn’t long to wait until your big day!

A few months left! 

A few months after this point it might be a good idea to get the rings (just don’t lose them!). And if there are just one or two months left approaching it may be time to start working on those vows… It might sound obvious but don’t forget to give your guests plenty of time to make sure they can get your date free, so do not leave the invites too late!


Keep the checklist safe! 

Be organised with the wedding checklist itself. By that we mean to keep it in a safe place and neat and tidy. Otherwise, it may cause confusion over what you have and have not completed. You can purchase some really nice notebooks especially for this purpose that are hard wearing and should last the length of your preparation time. In this modern age, you can also, of course, keep a digital copy on whichever devices you have. This will be handy for when you are out and about.


Work through your to-do list in order of importance and do not worry if your first choice for a certain goal is not available or out of your budget. With the right professional guidance, you will find a perfect alternative. Often we find that couples who explore options other than their initial first choices lead them to their perfect wedding. So, don’t panic and work through your wedding checklist calmly, collectively and at a steady, realistic pace.


In summary, the above checklist for planning a wedding should go a long way in making it easier to plan an amazing wedding perfect for you, your partner, and all your family and friends!


Thank you for reading this month’s blog. You should have a great idea now of how to plan a wedding planning list and ensure you have the perfect wedding. At Concept Events, we offer bespoke event services including DJ hire, casino hire, stage hire, live acts, and much more. Call us today on 01234 831366, or visit our contact page for more information.