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Marquee Hire – Top 9 Tips To Consider

At Concept Events we know that looking for the right marquee for your event can be a daunting task, that is why we want to help you make the best possible choice available. Now you are here reading this we assume you want to hire a marquee… well, you have come to the right place but there are still some things you will consider. reception marqueeYou must already know the kind that you think would suit your party, wedding or whatever event it is you want to host. So, ensure that from the onset, everything is done right and there’s no room for regrets later. To help you achieve this, we list and discuss the 10 first tips that you must use to get that perfect marquee.

1. Take the nature of the surface into consideration
The surface can either be a hard surface or a more unstable ground like grass. In terms of cost-effectiveness and ease, the better option is the grass surface. All of our marquees will easily work on grass and it will save you the hassle of setting down flooring for the event.

2. The type of event
To be able to understand exactly what you’ll need, we must understand what kind of event you want to hold. Maybe it’s a wedding, a festival, a birthday party or a corporate event. It’s important that you specify this so that we can make sure that we can provide you with everything and everything you may want for the event, this means we can be put together a quotation based on this.

3. Access to the event site
Make sure you know the details about the location of your event. Let us know if the site has restrictions on when it’s opened, whether you are charged daily or whether the site is owned by yourself.

4. Size of the event surface
This is important as it will help you make a decision regarding the size of marquee you’re in need of. It is, therefore, a great idea to provide us with the dimensions of the surface.

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5. The accessibility of the site
It’s important for us to know whether we will be able to access your site with our delivery vehicles. The distance from the parking place of the vehicles and where the marquee is to be erected is also an important specification to add. These are important as they have a bearing on how long the set up of the marquee is likely to take.

6. The number of guests
In order to recommend the right size of a marquee for your event, it is useful (but not essential) to have an estimate of how many people you expect at the event. Both the number of sitting and standing guests can be useful for us to provide you with enough seating etc.

7. Source of power
You must also specify how much power you’ll need. Things that will use power such as lighting, the DJ/Band, catering, and public address system must be listed. Don’t leave even a single item out. Also, make sure to mention if you have a mains power or you’ll need a generator for the event.

8. The lay of the land
Specify whether the surface is a slope, uneven or undulating. This is necessary as it will affect the chairs, tables, and the dance floor. The land is best if it is flat and even but we are still able to work with other types of terrain.

9. Do you plan on any extras
If you’re thinking of a chill-out area, a bar, catering tent, bar, DJ or band, it’s important to make us aware so we can let you know just how many great items we can provide to make your special day even better!

Here at Concept Events, we want to make sure you have the best day possible, that’s why we will go that extra mile to ensure you get everything you could possibly want. By working together we will ensure your special day goes off without a hitch. Why not give us a call today and see how we can make that day even more special.