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How To Nail Audio Visual for Events and Conferences

Utilising audio-visual effects is the difference between just another conference or event and the conference or event of the year. The ability you have to capture your audience through good lighting and sound can create an atmosphere, unlike any other, and combined with a room full of people, you can create something really special, empowering and moving to inspire your guests to think bigger, work harder, and do more – or whatever else you’d like to inspire!

Find a great AV provider and share your vision with them

Good professional audio-visual providers want you to get invested in your AV vision and will strive to deliver it for you, so get involved with them so they can get as involved as possible with your AV dreams and desires. We of course are passionate about providing you and your guests a fantastic experience, and we will offer our expertise to help you create the perfect look and mood to make your event the best you’ve had yet.


Be smart with sound

Whilst you might be able to get a cheaper quote from other AV providers, they will likely just provide less equipment, and it might not suit your needs appropriately. For instance, two speakers at the front of a conference room or auditorium may not adequately reach the back rows or might have to be turned too loud to do so, while four speakers placed equally around the room would not only given more of a surround-sound effect but would spread the sound evenly between the space. Know what you need from your sound and be smart about it.


Consider the modes of your media & get creative!

Think about the types of media and elements you plan to use – from video to other stimulating visuals – get the whole team involved in the creative process and try to come up with some ideas that are engaging and original. From 3D projections to interactive objects, get inventive, get inspired and get creative. Your AV supplier will work with you at this stage too to help get a better idea of what you are looking for and advise on some of the best options available


Light It Up

Lighting is all too often overlooked and given too little of the funding for AV events, when it often has one of the biggest impacts on guests. Lighting effects the mood of the room, can tell a story, can draw your attention from one place to another seamlessly, set the pace of a presentation or performance and quite simply, affect the overall atmosphere.


The options for lighting are endless, and the impressions creative use of lighting can inspire can be awesome, so consider the budget you can stretch to for lighting and some of the creative ways you could use it. From interactive whiteboards, lit-up globes or objects, or story telling using holograms or other lighting effects, think – if money were no object, what would you do? You might be pleasantly surprised with the feasibility and cost.


Get Your Messaging Right

Map out early on what your aims are for this conference or event, and how you aim to get that message across or inspire that particular action from your guests. Start with the end in mind and then build around that, for a truly powerful performance.