Party Theme Ideas for New Years: Bring in 2018 in Style

Holding a big party on New Year’s Eve is one of the best parts of the year, and there’s a whole load of fun to be had! But one way to make your party even more memorable is by adding a theme to your party.

So kiss goodbye to 2017 and welcome in the new one with a fabulous themed hit that will really set January off to a fantastic start! Here are some of the best ideas we’ve seen over the years to get you inspired:

Alice and Wonderland theme

Black and White Ball

This theme is a big favourite for any New Year’s Eve party since not only is it an elegant ball (who doesn’t like getting dressed up nice for new Year’s?) it’s fuelled by the lovely concept of leaving behind the shadow of the year past and embracing the white, blank slate of the new start to come. In this theme you are supposed to come dressed in a combination of white and black from top to bottom, and the colours are easy since most own clothes in these colours, so it’s a great minimal effort theme.

Decorations should of course be only black and white. To make it more of a black and white party, you can also find the famous black and white films for the entertainment or to play in the background on big screens or white walls. At the venue on the dancing floor, you can also set up black and white colours to add the finishing touch.

Masquerade Ball

masquerade ball decor for new years

Following on from the black and white ball, a masquerade ball is one of the best New Year party themes. With more flexibility on the colours, and options to go for more extravagant costumes as well as decorations, it can be great fun! Ideally everyone should wear the mask to add to the mystic. To make your masquerade ball exceptional, the aura of the room is key and namely comes down to extravagant drapery, decor and lighting – and a big dancefloor is a must!

A Night in Paris

This theme can be used for groups of couples for a nice romantic feel, or with friends. This theme entails French cuisine, floral accents among others. It’s considered more for couples since the theme is more intimate, but you can make it more comical or fun by dressing up in red, blue and white if you’re planning a more casual party. If you’re going for a big French do, then lace is a must when it comes to the decor, from tablecloths to drapery. You could even top it all off with some big light up letters that spell LOVE or any other cute message – perhaps something in French like BON APPETIT!

UV Party

In a UV or black-light themed party, guest must attend it wearing glow-in-the-dark clothing or light colored attire that is visible in UV light (often white clothing will shine like this after being washed in particular detergent). Provide glow sticks for guests, illuminated punch (attach lights to the glasses), and have a UV dancefloor to really blow people away. To ensure there are uniformity and complete party make sure that all drinks and food in that party is glowing in dark too, to make the party truly amazing and interesting.

checkered black and white dancefloor

A Decade Party

This is where you host a party keenly using old and outdated clothing from a particular decade of your choice (or the guests’ choice if you want to keep options open). This event theme can extend to everything from the outfits to the music and even things from the era incorporated into the decor or evening’s activities. Usually the highlight of this is the themed dancefloor, such as a light-up dancefloor popular in the 80’s and the themed decor.

There are so many other New Year’s Eve party themes you can use, but unfortunately we simply don’t have the time to list them all! But we hope these in this article have given you some inspiration on themes make your NYE party fun and interesting. Happy New Year everybody!