Ten ways to make your next event absolutely epic

When it comes to planning an event, there’s a lot to consider. To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together ten things to consider if you want to make your next special occasion really memorable.

1.      Find the right music

Regardless of your event, the right music is essential. Whether you hire a band or you call on the help of a DJ, the right music can lift the mood and provide the ambience you need.

live-act-music for event in milton keynes


2.      Use a photo booth

If you’re planning a light-hearted event for a birthday or wedding, then adding a photo-booth can give your guests a new way to enjoy themselves. Make memories, share photos on social media and even offer fancy dress to make your photos more fun.


3.      Get the lighting right

Lighting is essential if you want your event to go off with a bang. Ambient lighting is great for dinner parties and speeches, while spotlights can be used for parties and celebrations.

lighting at event swirly ceiling lights


4.      Focus on food

No celebration is complete without a bite to eat, so consider laying out some party finger food to keep your guests well fed throughout the evening. Remember allergies and intolerances before planning a menu, and consider hiring a chef or a waiter if you want a more professional service.


5.      Add some decorations

Want to give your guests a party to remember? Decorate your venue with posters, accessories and party favours that will boost the mood and give people something to talk about.

mr and mrs speciality lighting on dancefloor


6.      Give party favours

Whether you’re hosting a wedding or a business function, party favours are a great way to break the ice and give your guests something to take home with them. Whether it’s a keepsake, some chocolate or personalised thank you message, a favour will ensure that your event is remembered.


7.      Be a great host

As the host of your event, you need to make the necessary preparations in advance to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. Welcome every guest, deliver a killer speech and get people in the party spirit.


8.      Consider the guest list

While you may think ‘bigger the better’ when it comes to planning your event, you should carefully consider exactly who you want to invite and why.


9.      Find the right location

Location is everything when it comes to your event – both in terms of where it is, and the venue itself. Find a venue that’s warm, inviting and spacious, and choose a central location that’s easily accessible to all of your guests.


10. Relax!

If you’re responsible for your event, don’t get too tied down in the little things. Remember to relax, enjoy yourself and mingle with your guests – that way, you’ll have a great night and won’t feel like you are constantly under pressure to perform.

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