The best lighting tips for your event and what to hire

An event that you host can be made unforgettable when your guests get to experience the most powerful visual impacts at your event space. Lighting is a powerful catalyst which can transform a seemingly simple space into somewhere really exciting. The level of depth and ambience produced by lighting can be decided based on the nature of event, location of the event, type of panorama you wish to create for the event and the guests present.

stage lighting with spotlights for hire

Themed Events

Themed events are gaining in popularity all over UK today, but each different event requires a different lighting need. Here are some that we commonly see:

  • Personal, professional, business, family or corporate oriented celebrations often focus on a specific theme.
  • Discos, parties, live concerts and shows need a charged environment. Wedding, birthdays and other family events need a calmer and more heartening environment.
  • Corporate seminars and product promotions need a more serene and serious environment.

When you get the right sort of professionals to do the lighting, the event becomes truly memorable. Check out some of the fun and funky themed events we have helped create with themed decor and specialist lighting:


IMG_5309 IMG_3792 IMG_3743 IMG_0031Jurys Inn2

event lighting at wedding in milton keynes with lots of small spotlights and clean white backdropswedding event marquee lighting

Basic Lighting Tips

  • Perimeter lighting is the first thing you should arrange at the venue. This helps in highlighting any aesthetic decorative elements.
  • The main event arena should be elevated not only in height but also in the depth of lighting provided. This makes everyone’s attention stay focussed on the event.
  • LEDs and pin lighting can be used in combination when you wish to highlight certain key locations within the event space.
  • Draped string lights can be used to illuminate the path to event location. They create the feeling of warmth and welcome among your guests.
  • Using Gobos at the time of musical moments and dances can create a dazzling lighting show.
  • Static lighting is preferred at the dining hall and bar. Beverages and food display needs to be highlighted and easy to see. You may use LED glass or lights for which helps make the display clearly visible.
  • Pin spots can be used to highlight decorations and flowers. This creates an exotic setting within the room
  • Special custom lights such as love lights or Mr and Mrs lights can be a memorable extra that encourage photos, and also function as a great centrepiece

love lights on red and pink background

Corporate Events

It is a good practice to plan your lighting well in advance before the event. Outdoor locations and indoor spaces need completely different approaches and designs. The most important aspect of lighting is to set the tone and mood for the specific event and the central attraction at the event.

  • Corporate events and product promotions are usually always supported by some sort of multimedia shows. Three-point lighting helps in avoiding shadows and reflections.
  • Tables in the guest area can be decorated with soft lights. This helps your guests in finding their way through the hall after the show gets started.
  • It is a good practice to avoid flashing lights when the main speaker is presenting the event’s main theme. You can keep one spotlight focussed on the speaker while the multimedia screen needs no external lighting at all.
  • Taking the help of lighting professionals who can visualise the entire event from start to finish helps you in making it a great success. This also helps in making the event financially feasible.

We hope our tips have helped, but please let us know if there is anything else you would like to know more about.