Top 7 Lighting Ideas for Your Wedding

A wedding ceremony is a very important event in our lives. So, it’s vital that we make it a memorable and nostalgic day for both parties, as well as the guests. Most people think that to achieve this goal you’ll have to spend huge chunks of money on the common things that go hand in hand with weddings. However, this is not necessarily the case. Take, for instance, lighting. A lot of people will treat lighting as a secondary part of the big day. They just don’t know the real impact that properly implemented lighting systems can have on a wedding. There are simple things that you can do with the lights that will have a huge impact on everyone who graces your ceremony. The following are the top 7 lighting ideas you need to consider for your wedding:

1. Invest in outdoor lighting

Often, people treat the outside part of the tent as part of the wedding venue. To the surprise of many, it actually is. You can add a lot of magic to the ceremony just by decorating the outside of the venue with outdoor lighting. These lights can transform your venue into a magical view from the outside. Treat your guests with a beautiful view of the outdoors.

2. Make use of Coloured lightingWedding venue with coloured lights

Coloured lights are a good way to add atmosphere to the venue. You can make use of different Coloured light to set a mood for every single moment of the ceremony. You can pre-program them and get someone to control them just by the touch of a button. This will set the mood for each event that will be at the wedding.

3. Make use of lights to increase safety

The guests may want to use the outdoors during the evenings at the ceremony when the night sets in. Light the uneven surfaces and steps by the use of beautiful lights so that any accidents don’t occur. By using hanging lantern lamps on the outside, you can create a magical atmosphere right there.

4. Warm the venue all the wayWarm lighting in wedding venue

Make the venue appear warm and inviting so that your guests can get the atmosphere of engagement and warmth. To achieve this, you can make use of warm-white light and candle-light instead of the cold white light of furniture lights/ bars.

5. Use a variety of lighting

You can make a variety of lighting options to distinguish between places where different activities such as dancing floors or places where tables and chairs are. This is another good way of creating an atmosphere for your wedding.

6. Make use of shadows

To create interest and patterns at the venue, you can make use of shadows. You must be very particular and intentional about how shadows appear and what causes the shadow to occur. You can make use of cut-out designs or projectors in this case.

7. Make use of uplighters

Take a keen look at the venue of your wedding and see how the fixed lights are going to work. To add the right atmosphere, ensure you come up with the right types of lighting. At night, you can make use of uplighters as they are one of the best options for you.


With lights, you are not likely to go wrong with the decorations of the venue of your wedding. If you hadn’t thought of these ideas, then it’s the right time for you to try them out at your wedding. You’ll realize how much well-planned lighting can add to your ceremony. For this, it’s important that you consider lighting hire.