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Types of Marquee and their Benefits

In case you want to throw a celebration or a party, marquees are the perfect solutions to limitations resulting from lack of space. They’re hassle-free, versatile and very convenient for ceremonies of any nature. If you plan to hold a party on your property and are lacking enough space, you can go for a marquee hire and end up with double space for the guests. This way, they’ll be more comfortable, and therefore you won’t have to worry. Though most people have no idea, there are different marquee types that one can choose from. Here are the different types of marquees and their benefits:

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1. Trapeze Marquees

Trapeze marquees are one of the most presentable of all the marquee types. If you really want to have your guests impressed, then this is the type that you need to go for. They offer a sight to behold for a party or any other such gathering. They belong to the category of marquees known as tension marquees. This means that tension rods are used to erect them.

The benefits of trapeze marquees include the following:
• Because they are tension marquees, their design enables them to be very resistant to winds.
• Due to their stylish and innovative design, they can add flair to your celebration having the ability to make a statement that defines your event type.

2. Framed Marquee

In the structure of this marquee type, a framed marquee is supported by an external frame eliminating the need for internal structures for support. As a result, you end up with a clear view that’s unobstructed along the length of the marquee in entirety plus a space that’s open for your quests.

The benefits of framed marquee include:
• Since there aren’t any supporting poles to watch out for, you’re free to make choice the space layout.
• They are suitable for installation on any surface type; including gravel, concrete and grass among others.

3. Traditional Marquees

Using their construction from pole and rope, the traditional marquees are set apart from the other marquee types. They have a vintage style, making them a great choice for a country house garden party or a garden wedding.

The main benefits include the following:
• They have an elegance which is a vital accompaniment to garden party weddings or country garden parties.
• Their interiors can be styled to have the look that’s very modern and stylish when needed.

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4. Chinese Hart Marquees

Chinese Hart Marquees are so uniquely named because they’ve got a shape that looks like a traditional Chinese hat. They’re unlike the other types of marquees because in general, they lack any sides to them. However, if you prefer to have side panels, they can be added.

The main benefit of these types of marquees is that they can be made to fit any kind of gathering perfectly.

5. Stretch Ten

These are the latest addition to the types of marquees available today. They’re popularly found at festivals and events of similar nature. Their design is eye-catching; making them a perfect alternative for traditional style marquees.

The main benefits you’ll get from stretch tent marquees are:
• Can be erected in any kind of location
• They can be used in any kind of weather; whether stormy or fine


If you’re looking to add space and style to your celebration or party, our marquee hire services are the way to go. You can choose any type of marquee from this list to suit you and your guests for the kind of event you’re to have. After determining the kind of vibe, you need to give off, the process of decision for marquee will be much simpler.