Wedding stage design

Stage design ideas perfect for Weddings

Whenever you enter any wedding, what is the first thing to catch your attention? Of course, it is the stage. Where else will you find the happy couple? The stage is more than just a platform for the happy couple to read their vows but sets the atmosphere of the entire venue and the day.

The stage can show all your guests that a lot of thought, attention, detail and expenses has gone into the aesthetic of your wedding. So, when designing our dream wedding, the stage can seem to be as important as the venue.


Rose Arch (Flowers)

The rose arch (or flower arch) is a great way of using the colour from the flowers to centre attention around the bride and groom. Rose arches have been used throughout the years and are thought to be a great way to use natural beauty.

Couples have used either a singular choice of flower to follow either a certain theme or to stay within a certain colour scheme. Or couples have decided to use a variety of different flowers which aesthetically complement each other, couples tend to choose flowers with white, red and pink coloured petals to decorate their stage.

Wedding stage design


For couples looking to include a contrast of colours that complement the venue, the lighting and the atmosphere then drapes are the go-to option. The way in which drapes are displayed can also provide the interior of your venue with a feeling of royalty.

Now the way in which you use drapes on your wedding stage can be simplistic and easy to construct or to really impress guests and draw attention to the stage, you could go with an artistic complicated design. Making use of two different colours and layering the drapes can really give a royal and sophisticated look to the wedding stage.



This technique works best if you’re holding the ceremony at later in the day when there is less natural light or even at night. The use of lights can either be for decoration or can be used to centre the attention to specific features around the bride and groom.

If the wedding design is set around either a certain colour or around a certain location, then the use of lights can be used to emphasise the colours or location. Creating the natural yellow/gold glow can give the stage a feeling of warmth and a touch of royalty around the bride and groom on their special day. Or if the couple chooses to use any colour like purple as their colour scheme for their wedding then blue lights can enhance the colour used on the stage.

Wedding stage design


Now since we are discussing either yours or someone else’s wedding, there is no limit to what you can do for the stage design. So, this means that combining any of the options we have discussed is always an option. If you want to enhance the natural beauty of the arrangement of flowers on your stage, then we would suggest using lighting to enhance the colours of the flowers.

If you want to go all out, then you can always combine everything in this blog to make your wedding stage a masterpiece in design. There is no over-doing it when it comes to a wedding and the grander you make your stage the bigger the impression and attention is given on your special day.