Wedding path and decorations for newlyweds. In Nature in the garden.

Weddings | Save money on your event decorations

Weddings are great events and help the happy couple celebrate their love for one another, however, weddings don’t come cheap. Take a look below to see some smart ways you can save on wedding decorations but still have a very wonderful, special day. Whilst still have some money left over for a honeymoon! This blog will talk about our wedding equipment hire services

Location, Location, Location   

There is no better way to save money on wedding decorations than to pick a beautiful wedding setting. If you’re planning a wedding on a tight budget it can be tricky to get that gorgeous setting. There are many places that can be transformed with a few balloons and decorations, a country setting and small-town locations are often a lot more feasible, considering the British weather it would be difficult to guarantee good weather but the local church would be a very good option due to it being close. The transport wouldn’t be very expensive either.

Use what’s around you!

Flowers are able to dress up any occasion and make the setting look romantic, they don’t have to be expensive, you may even have some you’ve grown yourself in the garden! You could even go really rustic and get branches and wrap lights around them. This would also give a very nice setting as this can add a romantic vibe to a night-time wedding or reception.

Ideas for tables

Organising and decorating wedding tables can cause a lot of stress. Following a theme can make the table decorations very expensive due to the fact that they may be hard to find. Many people tend to opt for lots of round tables in a venue with name cards so people know their allocated seats, however, printing 150 plus name cards can be very expensive. There are many easy DIY ways to get around the issue such as make the cards yourself by getting some coloured paper and sticky letters, or stones are another very good option – they don’t have to be perfect, get a white pen and hand write names on them.

Wedding decor, interior. Festive. Banquet table

Put your guests to work!

One of the most expensive things at a wedding is a photographer, but if you can’t fit having a photographer into your budget why not put your guests to work. One of the most beautiful things about weddings is how the day unfolds differently for all the guests. Every group or individual has a different experience so allow your guests to capture those special moments by getting disposable cameras, you can save on the expensive costs of a photographer, you would have to set money aside for the costs of developing the film, but it will be a lot cheaper than a professional photographer!

Don’t go overboard

Only get things you really need, join your local Facebook buy and sell group page, people often sell decorations after their wedding as they have no use for them anymore and obviously, they will be at a discounted price, therefore, will fit in with a budget. Alternatively, shop at the right time to be ready for Black Friday and January sales.

Wedding draping services can transform a more budget-friendly venue into something that looks like a fairytale wedding, to find out more about our services feel free to browse through our website or get in touch.