Wedstival wedding equipment hire

Have you heard of wedstivals yet? This growing trend combines elements of weddings and festivals to create unique, unforgettable events. Not only do wedstival weddings bring the best that festivals have to offer, but they create a unique wedding experience for you and your guests.

Planning a wedstival is a lot of fun, as there are a lot of exciting extra features you can hire to make your event unforgettable. From festival décor to live acts, in this blog we explore the best outdoor wedding equipment hire options to make your wedstival successful and truly special.


Festivals – and therefore wedstivals – typically take place in remote areas. Whether it’s a field in the middle of the countryside or someone’s large back garden, it can be difficult to have all the power needed to match your needs.

Fortunately, generator hire solves this problem and provides all the power you need on hand. Your wedding will benefit from an extensive power supply to ensure all of your music, decorations, electrical items, and other needs are catered for. This is particularly helpful in the case of wedsitvals, as the remote location combined with the increased need for power can make a reliable electricity supply a key element of your wedding.

At Concept Events, we provide a wide range of outdoor wedding equipment hire options, including silent diesel generators. These reliable generators offer all the power your event needs and produce less noise as they are classed as ‘super silent’ generators – so they won’t distract people during your special day.

Live acts

A wedstival wouldn’t be complete without a live performance. You can keep your guests entertained festival-style with some live acts. From solo artists to bands, cabaret to tribute acts – you can build an event filled with crowd-pleasers that are bound to get your guests on their feet.

You are in luck here as we source and provide tried and tested performers that have an amazing track record when it comes to creating a great atmosphere and keeping all types of crowds happy and entertained.

Stage hire

You can give your wedstival a touch of authenticity with stage hire. Not only does stage hire truly give a festival look and feel to your wedding, but it also protects your live acts and required equipment. The British weather can be unpredictable, to say the least, and it would be a shame if your entertainment suffered for it.

Theme and décor hire

Create an enchanting festival look by hiring festival-themed décor. At Concept Events, we excel in creating a universe built around your vision and ideas. From colourful banners to string lights and bunting – we cater to all your décor needs.

Marquee hire

Outdoors events go hand in hand with marquees. This stylish option will protect your guests and the weather as well as divide the outdoor space into distinctive areas. You can have several marquees with different drinks and food options. You could even set different types of entertainment for each marquee – so everyone will have a choice of live act they enjoy!

Concept Events is fully capable of delivering an exceptional and encompassing service, contact us or call us directly at 08438 869672 to find out more.