Wedstivals | Top 10 Ideas For Your Special Day

Weddings are constantly changing, people want bigger, better ideas every time. It’s no longer a simple day to remember with a small bash. Wedstivals are a combination of a mini-festival with the special day intertwined within. People spare no expense when it comes to arranging these – you can expect to see musicians and plenty of food to cater for everyone.

Top Ten Ideas: 

  • Old School Wedding Festival – Many people like to live the experience of people from an exciting past – from the outfits and the scenery to unique, delicious food options. You can speak to a range of specialists who will be more than happy to help you hire wedding equipment that matches your old-school theme. You could even go for an Edwardian dress and set the scene with a tipi tent to make it a real blast from the past.


  • Volkswagen Enthusiasts – If you love cars, you should have a look online at some of the VW camper van ideas. People have opted for a campervan that has a cocktail bar installed – a genius feature for your wedding day.


  • Cheese!If you love cheese, people have opted for different styles of cake made from cheese instead of a wedding cake. You get to sample all sorts of cheese while enjoying wine and the company of the ones you love most. 


  • Whimsical Gardens – For all the Alice in Wonderland fans, this could be for you. You can hire a flower garden and live out your fantasies in the sunshine. Opt for a special dress and enjoy celebrating an unforgettable day with your family and friends.


  • Mexican – Whether it’s lounging in a hammock or smashing a pinata, a Mexican-themed wedding festival can bring plenty of exotic food and Mexican music to your special day.


  • VIPs Only – To give your guests a sense of occasion, create access passes so they can get into your wedding. This gives you a celebrity feel without the cost! Very Bougie! 


  • Pizza Time – Pizza, a favourite all across the world. You could consider hiring multiple mobile stalls to make sure every style and topping is catered for.


  • Farm Animals – A classic family pastime is to visit the farm to see all the cute animals. It’s becoming more popular to have your wedding festival at a farm where you can expect hay bales and plenty of animals.


  • Fish and Chips – We all love going to the seaside and eating fish and chips. You can now hire wedding equipment by speaking with a specialist to get the fryers, aprons, and chips!


  • Ice cream – DO you remember running for the ice cream van when you were a kid? Well, you can now bring the ice cream van to you. You could hire multiple vans to make sure everyone gets a sweet treat – just don’t forget to stock up for the younger ones.



It’s not easy arranging all of this when planning your wedding, so you should consider the help of a professional to discuss things such as cost, planning, and equipment. The right wedding equipment company is crucial to making your day a success. Concept Events will be able to make your wedstival perfect by helping to create a dream day for you, your partner, and your guests.

Our wedding services are fully capable of meeting any of your must-haves. Simply fill out our contact form or call us directly at 08438 869672 to get in contact with our highly experienced and friendly staff to make your day one to remember.


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